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Boston Pet Apartments maintains an unbelievably large database of dog-friendly apartments in Boston. Thanks to our unbeatable technological platform and wide network of real estate professionals, we do this without compromising any quality. When you search through the listings, you may be stopping to ponder the cost of your new apartment. Boston Pet Apartments can help you with this, as well. Try out the streamlined rent calculator below, and check out these handy tips as well.

• Follow the one-third rule. With this rule of thumb, follow the prevailing economic view that your rent should not exceed more than one-third of your income for the month. Figure out your maximum rent by dividing your income by 36.

• Tally up all your expenses. Before deciding on the highest rent you are willing and able to pay, make sure all your other living expenses are accounted for. Utilities and transportation are necessary expenses in the city. And if you are looking for pet apartments, that is one more thing to consider. Do not forget to budget for dog or cat food, toys, and other pet-related expenses.

• Consider your priorities. You may already know you are looking for dog-friendly apartments in Boston, but different buildings and locations will offer different advantages. Are you willing to pay a little more to be near a park, for example? What if that means sacrificing the big kitchen you would ideally want? Find the place where you and your pet will be happiest!